How to: Colour Correct

How to: Colour Correct

Good Afternoon ladies and gentlemen! May your skin be glowing and your flicks be on fleek. Today I’m planning to do a cute little “How to” tutorial on colour correcting. Specifically how i use it, when and where.

I personally think colour correcting is super important to my makeup routine because I have a particularly patchy ad uneven skin tone. There are dark circles under my eyes and my cheeks have a tendency to be blotchy. Now if i were to simply apply foundation over the top of my bare skin my skin imperfections would still be visible and would leave the overall look looking inadequate. This is why i prime my face every morning with a moistuising primer before colour correcting to make my skin tone appear even and glowing.

Here’s a quick guide on which colour balances out which imperfection on the skin. It’s all about the colour wheel theory. Opposite colours on the colour wheel cancel each other out. For example red areas on the skin can be cancelled out by a green concealer (I go through a hell of a lot of green shades)

Image result for colour correcting wheel
Colour Wheel Theory

Yellow-  Counteracts purple in the skin and lightens skin tones, it can conceal dark circles and bruises.

Purple- Counteracts yellow undertones in the skin or under-eye.

Green- Reduces redness found in blotchy skin and conceals spots.

Pink- Brightens fair to medium skin with a dull complexion and can also be used on the under eye area to conceal blue tones.

Caramel/ Light Brown- Counteracts any ashy tones in medium to dark skin.


So that’s colour correcting in a nutshell guys. I use the nyx colour correcting palatte seen above that i bought from boots. This is a vital step in my morning makeup routine (unless i’ve overslept, in that case i sacrifice skin tone and focus on brows) and is essential to all of my makeup looks. Thank you for reading!




My Top 7 Moisturisers

My Top 7 Moisturisers

Hello my lovelies! Today’s post is about my favorite moisturisers, when I use them and why. 5 of these goodies I’ve received in a beauty box subscription and absolutely fallen in love with! It’s so worth subscribing to a beauty box, purely to sample new products that you wouldn’t ordinarily see yourself purchasing.  Most of these products are the miniature sample versions of the full size product so don’t think why would she spent £20 on that small little tube?!!? because I only have the baby versions, the full size product is much bigger don’t you worry.

Balm Balm Organic Hydrating Rose Water – £7.50 for 30ml (the size I have)

To begin with i was very unsure of this product when it arrived, i already had a quite strict skin routine (i say strict but more like when i remembered to) and i couldn’t see the point of adding this. after a month or so i returned with an open mind and thought I’d better try it, waste not want not. This product is perfect for a gentle refreshing hydration in the morning or if your skin is breaking out and you want hydrated skin without using a heavy moisturiser for fear of breaking out even more. The smell isnt overly rosey which i like, i dont like a powerful scent in my skin care products but this i really liked. I use this every morning and night.

Nip Fab Kale Fix Moisturiser – £14.95 for 50ml (i have 30ml)

This is my hands down without a doubt absolute favourite moisturiser ever. It smells beautiful,k not like a perfumed scent but like when you smell a smoothie and you know it’s going to be good for your body because its natural. I was honestly so surprised trying this for the first time, it’s a lightweight creamy substance that glides on your skin and blends easily leaving your skin feeling funky fresh, firm and most of all hydrated af. The only time i don’t use this amazing product is if I’m severely breaking out. I’m not saying that this product would make me break out more but just out of habit when i break out really badly i avoid all cream based formulas and stick to water based hydration.

Oolution Eye Love – 35 € for 15ml

Now this is a recent addition to my collection as this was in this months beauty subscription box. It claims to reduce puffiness and erase dark circles which i am still yet to prove true or false. It is a good under eye cream so far i find it firms my eye area and leaves feeling refreshed however I’m not finding any particular distinguishing features to set it aside from any other eye cream. It might prove to be amazing in the weeks to come though, who knows! I’m using this product every morning and night for the trial period.

ThisWorks In Transit Camera Close-up – £30 for 40ml (i have 20ml) 

This product claims to be a “Mask, moisturiser and primer in one”. Now having used this a week or so I cannot fathom how they could call this product a mask. When i think of a face mask many images pop into my head, none of which include this product. As a moisturising primer I’ll hold my hands up here and say yeah i approve. It’s not the best or the worst primer its somewhere along that spectrum. I do feel fondly towards a primer that’s also hydrating and moisturising the skin though as currently my go-to primer is silicone based and offers no skin care benefits other than keeping my makeup flawless. For a trial period i am using every morning as my primer (unless i have something important on that day then i will resort to my reliable silicone primer) and a night as a moisturiser.

Benefit Triple Performing Facial Emultion – £27 for 50.3ml

What a surprise i have benefit skin care products too! This is an oil free, lightweight lotion which surprisingly doubles as a sun cream offering spf 15. The main thing to say about this product is that this little beauty has lasted be a long time and by that i mean over a year! i don’t know what it is with benefit products i can always make them last so long! I use this after exfoliating face masks or after getting out the shower just to give my skin that boost back to feeling normal and soft again. This used to be my go to product but the Nip+Fab blew benefit out of the water. Still an amazing product though. Another thing i will say is i absolutely adore the packaging of the Benefit skincare range! They’re so aesthetic that even after i finish the product I’ll still keep the bottle.

Benefit It’s Potent Eye Cream – £28 for 14.2g

This eye cream is still a go-to of mine. It promises to fade dark circles and smooth fine lines for brighter and younger looking eyes which i can 100% vouch for as this product does just this. As long as you use it religiously without failure for an extensive period of time. I wish this product had entered my life at sayyy the age of 13? Maybe i could have prevented the dark circles and bags under my eyes from ever appearing? Oh if only. I use a generous amount of this underneath my eyes and any excess i spread across my eyelid as well.

Mahogany Naturals – Hydrating Repair Oil – £50

While this product is considerably good and i have used it on numerous occasions i can assure you this mini review will not be as glowing as the last 6. “Packed full of antioxidants and rejuvenators to plump, repair, hydrate and soften the skin.”  I’ve kept this product around for one reason and one reason only and that is for EXTREME REPAIR. Make no mistake this is not an every day moistuiser. This is a heavy-duty please fix my oh so dry skin hail mary. I’ve got this beaut saved for occasions where i deep cleanse my pores and/or use an exfoliating face mask. The reason being is the excess product left on the face after application is very oily. So oily in fact that when i do use this i leave it on for 5-10 minutes for my skin to absorb the goodness and then wipe off the rest with a damp baby wipe.



The Four Steps of My Brows

The Four Steps of My Brows


You’re probably thinking:  Four steps? That’s so high maintenance or how do you have enough time to get ready in the morning? Well you’ll be shocked to hear that in dire situations (such as waking up an hour before your shift) i can do a full face in 20 minutes. Right enough of me, let’s get to the brows.

Step One – Prime

I begin by using the Benefit BROWVO Conditioning primer to prime my eyebrows for product and to comb them into shape with the brush-like applicator. The gel holds the individual eyebrow hairs in place while hydrating both the hairs and the surrounding skin. The finish is a gentle hold rather than a stiff finish created by such products as wax. (Which I actually used to use on mine. Never again!)

I also use this primer as a moisturizer in my pre-bed routine as it is believed to stimulate hair growth. I can neither confirm or deny this rumor… It just so happens that over the course of using the product I did develop thicker and more healthy looking brows. Whether that was down to the product, hormones or an eyebrow plucking ban though i have no idea. Maybe all of the above!

Step Two – Building shape

Now i wont lie this step is he one that takes the most time until you get the hang of it and you can wiz through it! I use the Benefit KA-BROW dip brow formula to build the shape of my brows and fill them in. For those of you wondering what the hell it is in that cute little bottle above, have you heard of the Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow? It’s essentially Benefit’s version of that. The formula glides on and is super creamy and blendable. It even comes with its own brush in the handle which is adorable! One pot of KA-BROW has lasted be eight months so far and I still havent finished it completely! Talk about getting your money’s worth ey!

First I line the underneath of the brow, defining the arch and trailing off at the tail. Second, i do the same to the top of my brow. I try to make soft fluid stokes so there’s no harsh lines as these can make the brow look crooked and unfleeky. Next is time to fill in the main bulk of the brow. Remember to colour inside the lines! Last is the inner corner where my eyebrows are very sparse. we want this area to be the lightest and softest part of the brow. With any excess product on my brush (you really don’t need a lot for this part) I’ll brush upwards and blend blend blend. the goal is to get a very light faded colour on here as later i’ll go in and add fake eyebrow hairs with a pencil.

Step Three – Building Colour

Using the Benefit GOOF PROOF Eyebrow pencil I go over the tail of my brows in a slightly darker shade to my KA-BROW. My KA-BROW is a shade 3 and GOOF PROOF is shade 4. With this i like to create an almost ombre affect to get those insta-worthy brows. Once the tail and the arch are a shade 4 brow i blend blend blend to make sure there’s no harsh lines and the colours fade into each other as opposed to blocks of colour side by side.

Lastly I’ll use my pencil to create soft upward strokes in the inner corner of my brow to mimic eyebrow hairs. Again we want this to be the lightest part of the brow so they need to be sofffttttt strokes. A top tip I do if ive messed up and pressed too hard or i don’t think its blended enough is to literally just smudge it with my finger until its blended.

Step Four – Brush Brush Brush

Finally i use my Benefit GIMMI BROW formula which is what i call a mascara for your eyebrows. It adds that little bit of colour to your eyebrow hairs to make them stand out against the fake brow you’ve spent ever so long perfecting but the goal is to show that there are ACTUALLY REAL HAIRS IN THERE. The main aspect i use this product for is the inner corner of my brows, I’ll use it on the few hairs in that patchy area so they stand out in front of the fake ones I’ve previously drawn in.


And that is ladies and gents, not rocket science. Just a hell of a lot of practice and some kick-ass products. Here’s a picture of the final product.







Hello, Hola, Bonjour.

Like most women these days, I have tumbled head first into the world of makeup and realized its something I’m actually quite passionate about. Not just makeup though, skin care and hair care take an equal limelight. I like talking about products i use, products i’m interested in, trying new products or routines and generally just messing around. I think the best start to the day is a warm cuppa coffee and a face mask.

So if you’re likely to be interested in reading snippets about products I use, how i use them and trying new things then stick around! If not? then I’m surprised you read this far.