How to: Colour Correct

How to: Colour Correct

Good Afternoon ladies and gentlemen! May your skin be glowing and your flicks be on fleek. Today I’m planning to do a cute little “How to” tutorial on colour correcting. Specifically how i use it, when and where.

I personally think colour correcting is super important to my makeup routine because I have a particularly patchy ad uneven skin tone. There are dark circles under my eyes and my cheeks have a tendency to be blotchy. Now if i were to simply apply foundation over the top of my bare skin my skin imperfections would still be visible and would leave the overall look looking inadequate. This is why i prime my face every morning with a moistuising primer before colour correcting to make my skin tone appear even and glowing.

Here’s a quick guide on which colour balances out which imperfection on the skin. It’s all about the colour wheel theory. Opposite colours on the colour wheel cancel each other out. For example red areas on the skin can be cancelled out by a green concealer (I go through a hell of a lot of green shades)

Image result for colour correcting wheel
Colour Wheel Theory

Yellow-  Counteracts purple in the skin and lightens skin tones, it can conceal dark circles and bruises.

Purple- Counteracts yellow undertones in the skin or under-eye.

Green- Reduces redness found in blotchy skin and conceals spots.

Pink- Brightens fair to medium skin with a dull complexion and can also be used on the under eye area to conceal blue tones.

Caramel/ Light Brown- Counteracts any ashy tones in medium to dark skin.


So that’s colour correcting in a nutshell guys. I use the nyx colour correcting palatte seen above that i bought from boots. This is a vital step in my morning makeup routine (unless i’ve overslept, in that case i sacrifice skin tone and focus on brows) and is essential to all of my makeup looks. Thank you for reading!